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Retail Security & Loss Prevention

  • Indoor/Outdoor Professionally Qualified, PSA Approved, Store Security Guards

  • UNIFORM Personnel are dressed to fit your requirements.

    Suggested Uniforms:

    Security Officers:
    White and blue shirt Navy tie Navy trousers Black polishable shoes Alert One Security identification tag.

    This is the regular uniform we provide for our staff. It is neat and tidy, a very presentable image from your customers point of view.

    Plain Clothes Officer:
    This is an option where the store in question prefers a very low-key image for its security. It is a successful way of eliminating in-store shoplifting or pilfering although we do not consider it to be a very proactive security device used on its own.

    We find Plain Clothes is successful when used in liaison with a security officer as a second form of defence. We do this so as not to seem aggressive at the front door which we consider to be the first barrier to customer service, i.e. we like to give a professional non-intimidating appearance as the customer enters the store, this promotes an image of goodwill and increases our point of service of value to you.
    The uniform is chosen in conjunction with the suggestions of the store in question.

    Formal Ware:
    Tailored to fit your requirements, suit and tie option.

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